Nowadays, 90 years later, Rotarianism has become a world-wide movement having already over 1.2 million members. The power of Rotarianism lies in the fact that keeping company with successful businessmen and experienced professionals is associated with high etic principles within a common wish to work for the welfare of mankind. Its members are very active, filled with curiosity towards the environment and people in it and ready to help those who need help. The fascination of their meetings is being together with friends whose way of thinking is the same and who have very confidence in each other as well as a high degree of mutual aid and tolerance. Each Rotarian transfers this way of life into his everyday environment where he lives and works as a man of goodwill by positively influencing his environment. A guidance for it is a test comprising four questions:

1. Does truth exist?
2. Is it fair to all participants?
3. Will this act support friendship and goodwill?
4. Will it serve for the prosperity of all participants?

Positive answers to these questions and activities referring to this will always give power to the Rotarian movement. We are glad to have 65 years of Rotarian tradition in Maribor already. We can only hope that its expansion will be going on and that it will become the way of acting and behaving of as many people as possible.